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Duties and Responsibilities

Promotion of the Interests of Jamaica

  • Foster friendly and mutually beneficial relations between Jamaica and the USA through the promotion of tourism, trade and investment

  • Provide the Government of Jamaica with information on commercial, economic, cultural and scientific developments in the USA, with a view to strengthening cooperation between the two countries

  • Respond to negative reports on Jamaica or Jamaicans in the media of the USA

Protection of the Interests of Jamaican Nationals

  • Protect the interests of Jamaica and Jamaican nationals, within the limits prescribed by international laws

  • Provide assistance to the extent possible, to Jamaican nationals who have been arrested or incarcerated

  • Advise the Superintending Post of notifications of the impending deportation of Jamaican nationals

  • Transmitting judicial and extra-judicial documents or executing letters rogatory or commissions to take evidence for the Government of Jamaica in accordance with international agreements

  • Assist with the repatriation of distressed or deceased Jamaican nationals

  • Provide assistance to Jamaicans trading in, visiting or residing in the consular jurisdiction

  • Assist the Superintending Post in maintaining a register of Jamaicans residing within the consular jurisdiction

  • Extend assistance to vessels or aircrafts registered in Jamaica as well as their crew, and exercise the rights of Jamaica in respect of the supervision and inspection of vessels and aircraft

Issuance of Travel Documents and Visas

  • Process passport applications, visa applications and supporting documents

  • Transmit authenticated documents and fees to the Superintending Post

  • Issue emergency travel documents to Jamaican nationals

  • Issue visas to foreign nationals wishing to visit Jamaica

Assistance to visiting Jamaican Dignitaries and Officials

  • Arrange/coordinate appointments and meetings with Government officials and corporate interests

  • Participate in/extend courtesies at the airport to visiting dignitaries and officials

  • Arrange meetings of visiting dignitaries/officials with Jamaican nationals resident in the jurisdiction

  • Participate in meetings and events involving visiting officials and dignitaries, as directed

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