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Emergency Travel

If you have an emergency and do not have a valid passport, you may apply for an “Emergency Certificate”. The Emergency Certificate (EC) is used primarily for travel to Jamaica and may be issued in cases where there is an unforeseen and immediate need to travel. Situations involving illness, death, loss of passport while traveling, or unexpected business travel would be considered an emergency. It is recommended that proof of the emergency be submitted with the application.

An Emergency Certificate is a one-way travel document designed for travel to Jamaica only and is not generally recognized by other territories, as it is neither bar-coded nor does it have an expiry date.  In special circumstances, the Emergency Certificate may be prepared to facilitate travel to and from Jamaica.

You will be required to complete a renewal or replacement passport application at the time of application for the Emergency Certificate. Please submit all documents to the Embassy of Jamaica in Washington DC.

Requirements for an Emergency Certificate (EC):
  1. Last issued passport

  2. Completed Passport application form (Notarized if submitting via mail)

  3. Completed Emergency Certificate Form (see "Online Forms")

  4. Two (2) identical non-digitized colour photographs one of which should be certified by the same Notary Public who signs Section G of the Passport Application

    • See "Online Forms" for photograph guidelines
    • Photos are not to be stapled or paper-clipped to the Application Form

  5. Flight Itinerary which clearly states the Airline, Flight date and time and flight number

  6. Applicant's Original Birth Certificate / Original Adoption Certificate / Citizenship Certificate, where applicable

  7. Original proof of name change if name has been changed (Marriage Certificate, Deed poll, Divorce Decree, Court Order)

  8. Valid Government-issued Photo ID* (notarized copy of the front and back)

  9. Detailed Statement surrounding the loss of passport, if the document is unavailable for submission with the application

  10. For minor applications, a notarized copy of the Parent or Legal Guardian's valid ID is required 

  11. Payment (see cost below)

 * Valid ID can be any of the following:

  • US Citizenship Certificate

  • Identification indicating permanent residency (Green Card)

  • California Driver’s License (must be a REAL ID)

  • US Work Permit

  • US Passport



  1. The spelling of names (applicant’s and parent’s names)  should be consistent on all documents provided. If the applicant’s name is different due to marriage then a notarized copy of her marriage certificate should be submitted. The same applies to her mother.  If the names are different as a result of an error or changes other than marriage then the relevant correction should be made prior to sending in the citizenship application or an official name change document should be submitted.

  2. Notaries Public based in California must attach a completed California Certificate of Acknowledgement Form (downloadable from the CA Notary Website) in lieu of signature for certification of photograph or passport. In contrast with other states, California notaries are only able to notarize documents with original signatures. They are not able to notarize photographs or photocopies, i.e., they cannot stamp a photocopy with their seal, or sign it on the back in order to meet requirements of other countries or states. Instead, they will provide the California Certificate of Acknowledgement Form.  This is an affidavit by the applicant stating that THEY swear that the copy is a true and accurate copy of the original in their possession.  The notary would simply notarize the signature of the person and verify that they administered an oath to the signer. 

Processing Time:
  • The processing times for walk-in service for Emergency Certificate (EC) applications at the Embassy of Jamaica in Washington DC is within 24 hours of submission

  • The processing times for mail-in Emergency Certificate (EC) applications is 5 to 7 business days from the date of receipt at the Embassy (excluding mail delivery time)


The cost for an Emergency Certificate (EC) is $60 for walk in and $80 for those submitting via post (additional $20 is to cover returning the document via USPS Express mail). The acceptable method of payment is cash and/or Money Order only for walk-in applicants and Money Order only for mail-in applications. The Money Order should be made payable to the “Embassy of Jamaica”.

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